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Our Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us.

Although we are a small family run farm, we try to act as responsibly as possible.

In addition to maintaining 200 hectares of land, free from pesticides and chemicals, we also maintain 20 percent as forests for the conservation of plants and native animals. Furthermore, every year we also plant a minimum of 300 trees.
Our yogurt pots are also 100% recyclable and by separating and recycling the cardboard from the pot, you can prevent the logging of 100 trees.
We try to maintain the balance between nature and livestock, and for that reason we are living alongside the native wolves, rather than fighting against them.
Also we have adopted more than 10 abandoned dogs and given them a home full of fun and affection, and we thank them for protecting our cows from attacks by the wolves.


We are a small business but whenever we can, we will collaborate or contribute products for local charity events. If you are organising a charity event, let us know and we will try to work with your organisation!

Also we continually collaborate with food banks!

For social groups we can arrange free visits to the Eco Farm.

Feel free to contact us at: !

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